West End

Elisabeth and I spent some days in London, to see the city, relax a bit from the daily workload and last but not least to get a first hand experience of londons famous west end. We ended up in seing six shows in four days and doing the visiting between matinee and evening show… While this might sound a bit stressful, it is not at all. Actually going to the theater is a perfect way to relax and rest swallen feet after hours of walks through a big city. We managed to get either student tickets or days seats for all of the shows so it wasn’t even very expensive either.

I’ll return to this post later and write some more details, but for the time being her just the list of musicals we saw:

Chicago – Cambridge Theatre

Zorro – Garrick Theatre

Les Miserables – Queen’s Theatre

Wicked – Apollo Victoria Theatre

Sunset Boulevard – Comedy Theatre

Avenue Q – Noel Coward Theatre

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