Ferrara Buskers Festival 2009


For the fifth time Birgit and I spent a great time at the ferrara buskers festival. We discovered the event in 2003(2?) by accident and have since become addicted.

Lars Vegas & The Love Gloves – we know them from our first time in ferrara.

Hosoo Transmongolia – one of the big positive surprises of this years festival. With their traditional music, not amplified, they gathered a big crowd of attentive listeners around them.  I was fascinated by  traditional instruments, with beautiful carved horses. They look similar to violins/chelli but the strings are not held down with the fingers but pressed against. touching the string while playing it with the bow generates the rhythm. Most impressive was their sue of  Khöömii: overtone singing, or throat singing, very clear high tones resembling a gentle whistle that stand in stark contrast to the low buzzing sound of their usual singing technique. Birgit bought their CD Transmongolia, Memories Of My Homeland.

The Busquitos – Jelle van Tongeren on the violin is known to us from other combos with which he played in ferrara. Bought their CD Wicky Wacky Woo. Great singer with a very typical voice. The saxophone player came only on the second day but really made a difference – sounded very good!

Juzzy Smith – one man band coming from australia. Played slide guitar and a whole belt of harmonicas. Liked his good vibrations and bought his CD happy daze.

Spring Gross

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